Welcome to Atomik!

Your next clinical data backend

What? Atomik is a clinical data storage and management application as a microservice.

Why? reduce prototyping work and time to market for your next awesome clinical app.

How? standardized clinical data, advanced semantic querying capabilities, seamless integration via REST API, small, secure, fast.

What's the story?

We have been working with Health Care Information Systems for the last 13 years, designing, assessing, auditing and integrating them. On very common flaw we saw on many very promising projects was the low impact of these apps and systems, due the lack of integration with other systems. Isolated apps don't add value, period.

Go integrated or go home!

We have been involved on some of those projects, watching how hundreds of man hours were invested on apps destined to fail due one small thing: health care is by definition integrated. Our customers and partners were thinking on solving one problem for patients and/or clinicians, without considering external elements that were key for making these projects succeed, and indeed those failed terribly, or where not even launched.

Knowing this, we should consider that any app we build for health care, will need to send data to other apps, receive data from other apps, or both, in order to solve a real problem or add value to the patient, to the clinician, or to the managers, or to the researches, etc. Whichever is our customer or user.

A clear example is the vast amount of apps related to physical activity tracking, alone those don't add much value, but imagine integrating that information with data from a weight loss plan set up by a dietician in the EHR of the patient, or mixing exercise data with chronic disease and risk factors data to evaluate how the patients are currently doing in order to improve their quality of life and life expectancy. This are real goals, that us as patients would like to see implemented in our health providers. For us and for our family and friends. This can't be done without integrating data.

What we are trying to do here is to enable that from scratch. Standardizing each data point to facilitate mapping to other data models. Focusing on designing powerful and expressive APIs to enable data accessibility. Integrating systems using well known international standards. And providing consultancy, coaching and training to your team, to make the most out of our platform.

The way we provide this is via microservices that solve one specific problem forming a platform of building blocks that will allow your next project to be prepared for integrating with other systems, and avoid reinventing the wheel. Good solutions are out there, let's (re)use them!

We'll provide

Standardized Vendor Neutral Clinical Data Storage
Advanced semantic Clinical Data Querying
Create data services in seconds, no programming required
Flexible and easy to integrate REST API
Full EHR management and access control
Easy to follow patterns and best practices
Fast prototyping and better time to market for your products
Expert rock star support
Vast set of toolkits and libraries available
Fully documented
System-level sync and backup module available
Cloud and on-premise friendly
On demand training workshops
Designed as a microservice
Highly customizable
White labeling available
Flexible license
Formal integration process with international standards including HL7 v2.x, HL7 CDA, HL7 FHIR, DICOM
Extra integration components available (IHE XDS-b, FHIR)
Anonymous Clinical Data
Built with Clinical Decision Support in mind
Data traceability and audit capabilities out of the box
Avoid data duplication and fragmentation
Straight forward process for data management: model, store, query, repeat.

Get the foundation for your next app

Simple integration of data services to implement common patterns for health care apps.

Avoid wasting resources by creating everyting from scratch, focus on your product's features and what adds value to your business.

We are experts on health care systems, standards and interoperability. We work designing and integrating complex systems to improve health care quality and better outcomes for patients.

Atomik was designed to help you build your next awesome health care app! Fast, secure, standard, accessible.

Use Atomik!

As a mobile app and wearable device backend

  • Feed Atomik with your data using standard formats
  • Retrieve full data sets or query across data sets to feed your GUI
  • Advanced semantic query capabilities to get the right data in seconds, no programming required
  • Super easy and fast to display clinical data tables, charts, indicators, alerts and more!

As a centralized repo for your clinical systems

  • Feed clinica data created in many systems to one standardized repository
  • Manage the EHR of each patient in a central location
  • Access all data in a standard format, independently from the system used to record the data
  • Enables a holistic view over the current health status of each patient

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