This is a quick reference of the openEHR conformance items for Atomik. For more detailed information please check the openEHR conformance in the documentation.

Important note

At CaboLabs we have been working on the openEHR Conformance Verification are for the last 4 years, in fact our work was taken as the foundation for the official openEHR Conformance specification which is currently a DRAFT.

As part of our work in the Conformance Verification area, we have designed the openEHR Conformance Framework which is wider in scope than the current openEHR Conformance spec, and we think is the foundation for a formal openEHR Software Certification Program.

openEHR Models

Atomik implements both openEHR Reference Models: EHR and Demographic. The current supported version is 1.0.2, though updating to a newer version won't be a problem.

Atomik doesn't support the EHR Extract specification yet, but we have that in our roadmap.

Spec reference:


Atomik complies with the EHR API, including the following resources: EHR, EHR_STATUS, CONTRIBUTION, COMPOSITION and DIRECTORY. Atomik implementds the openEHR REST API release 1.0.2.

A note about querying: Atomik doesn't implement AQL, it implements a different querying formalism called Simple Archetype Query Model (SAQM) that doesn't rely on a specific syntax, and it's portable between different vendors. AQL is not 100% portable because the specification focus too much on the syntax but very little on the internal processes involved in the query execution. We are working on the SAQM spec which will be publicly available for anyone that wants to implement an alternative query formalism for openEHR CDRs. A related note about this is that the Query component of the openEHR service layer is that is accepts different query formalisms, AQL being the only official one (for now). Though a harmonization between the Service Model and the REST API specs should be done so this aspect of supporting a variable formalism for querying an openEHR CDR is formally defined there.

Spec reference:

openEHR Archetype Model

Atomik works with Operational Templates (OPTs) which is a set of openEHR Archetypes put together to be used on a specific context. So Atomik doesn't use Archetypes directly. Atomik supports OPTs based on AOM 1.4.

Spec reference:


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