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This is CaboLabs' open source implemetation of the openEHR models, with useful tools like template validation, data generation, data validation, form generation, data serialization and parsing, and more. This can be used as a library or via the command line interface (CLI).

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openEHR Toolkit

This portal allows teams to manage their archetypes and templates, check their internal structure, generate and validate data, and access their resources via an API. It's a SaaS tool that has a free-forever tier so anyone can try it out.

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Educational Materials

Our YouTube channel has plenty of content about the openEHR specifications and implementation. Many implementers and openEHR experts around the world use our materials as reference for their work.

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Training Courses

We provide courses and workshops online, onsite and hybrid, for individuals and organizations around the world, in Spanish and English. Our main topics are EHR design and implementation, Hospital information Systems Architecture, System and Data integration, and standards, especially openEHR, HL7 v2.x, CDA and DICOM.

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