Atomik has several APIs available that work for different integrations and data flows purposes. The goal of having all these APIs is to provide flexibility and control over different aspects of data management and access. Some APIs were designed to provide extra features for Atomik, like the Sync API (used for Clustering).

  • EHR this is our implementation of the official openEHR EHR API.
  • Demographic this is our proposal for an official openEHR API that supports demographics, since at the moment of writing this documentation there is no official openEHR Demographic API.
  • Administrative this API contains extra operations that are needed, for instance, to run conformance tests on an Atomik instance and do physical deletions of certain data elements (useful for maintenance or to comply to local regulations like the "right to be forgotten")
  • Sync this API allows the implementation of Atomik server Clusters, allowing different instances of Atomik to share data between them (sync).
  • Monitoring this API allows external monitoring tools to connect to Atomik and get current status and health indicators, which is specially useful when managing Atomik Clusters with several instances.