Audit and logging

Atomik supports two kinds of logs, system and domain. System logs are about actions users do by using the Web Console or through the REST API, that includes: who they are, what they did, and from where. Domain logs are related to actions performed to manage EHR or demographic data following the openEHR operations.

Atomik internal logs

When an openEHR object is created (COMPOSITION, FOLDER, EHR, PERSON, etc.), a CONTRIBUTION and VERSION objects are also created. The VERSION actually contains the object created, and Atomik adds an AUDIT_DETAILS object for each, CONTRIBUTION and VERSION.

Contribution view with Audit Details

The AUDIT_DETAILS is a class of the openEHR RM that contains pieces of information useful for audit and logging, like: the originating system ID, the commit time, the change type (creation, modification, amendment, delete) and an optional description.

You can see more about the openEHR audit logs in the RM specification