Monitoring & Wearables

The wearable device market is growing. New devices and new integrations are released every day. And more health monitoring capabilities are added to the latest mobile phones. Are you planning to enter this market? Check what the Atomik can do for your project.

Your next physical activity monitoring, sleep quality tracking or weight control app can benefit from the use of the Atomik as a data aggregator backend, and it's ver simple to use Atomik queries to generate automatic alerts, recommendations or reminders for your users or health team.

Atomik is an ideal tool for storing biometric data coming from any kind of any monitoring app, and by creating smart queries you can get aggregated and more meaningful information out the Atomik and into your applications.

Architecture & Data Flows

The most common architecture for monitoring devices include a physical monitor, that generates raw data from vital signs, analyzing chemicals, sleep status, exercise and other kinds of measurements. The monitoring device then communicates the raw data to a nearby device, which is commonly called "gateway". In general that communication happens through BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) or similar PAN (Personal Area Network) protocol.

The gateway has connection to the Internet and can communication the raw data, maybe pre-processed, to a cloud backend. That could be a direct communication or via a broker, which transform the data coming from the broker into a format the backend can understand.

In this context, Atomik acts as the backend, where data is stored in a standardized format, and the goal of the broker is to transform raw or raw-processed data into openEHR data.

The final piece of the puzzle is the data analysis and visualization. To support this, Atomik provides query services that allow access to all the data in a standardized way, making it simple to access exactly the data you need to feed your data processing units and UI.

The goal of Atomik is to sit in the middle of the data collection, management, processing and visualization, and help simplifying those processes in a standardized an vendor-neutral way.