Clinical Research & Education

Access to high quality clinical data is fundamental for clinical research and education. But data is hard to gather, accumulate, process, clean, integrate, aggregate and use. This process has many interoperability blockers, and the first one is custom and proprietary information models.

The Atomik approach is the openEHR approach. First have a normalized, generic, complete, vendor-neutral, consistent, and semantically correct information model. Second to have a formal content management process based on definition and sharing of semantic clinical concepts that define and constraints data based on the information model. Atomik simplifies the clinical data management on every step of the process, and allows to get specific data needed by your research or educational needs.

The Atomik can be used to store any kind of clinical structure without changing source code or the database schema. You don't need to change your systems to do so, just build a small client program to copy your data into the Atomik using standard openEHR formats. At CaboLabs we provide services around development an integration of data and systems, so we can surely assist you follow this path.

Data can be integrated from many sources, with heterogeneous data formats and models, and Atomik can works as a centralized repository you can use to query and analyze the date you need for your research project, or to support education processes.

Data access in Atomik is pretty straight forward, you can create data queries on demand, without writing any code, just using the visual Query Builder from Atomik's Web Console. All data queries can be executed from the REST API which can be used from any external application that has the right permissions.

Data retrieved from executing queries can be used to create reports, calculate indicators and do any kind of data analysis. From CaboLabs we can help you build applications for data analysis, processing, and visualization.